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Metro Detroit Silver Stick
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games are at St. Clair Shores Civic Arena.
located on Stephens Dr. (9 1/2 mile road) just east of I-94.
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Upon completion of the Detroit Regional Silver Stick in early December, 
the winners will advance to the finals competition as follows:
         Squirt AA Midget A & AA play in Sarnia, Ontario in mid-January
         Pee Wee AA & Bantam AA play in Port Huron, MI in late January
         Squirt A, Pee Wee A, and Bantam A play in Newmarket, Ontario in mid-January
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Silver Stick Rules as of 8/15/2003 
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Tournament Format  

Each team is guarantied three games in a round-robin schedule.  Teams advance to the championship rounds based on total points accumulated - - two points for a win, one point for a tie.  This format is for teams with  8 teams to a division. These rules apply to divisions with 4 teams, too.  If two or more teams are tied in total points after round-robin play, the following tie breakers will be utilized.

Ties in Tournament Standings:
If two or more teams have an equal number of points, their positions in the standings shall be determined by the following tie-breaking formulas.  In order to break the tie, the following tie-breakers will be utilized until one tie breaker determines the position of all teams that are tied.

            1.  The results of the games played between the tied teams in the following order:
a. The points acquired in these games    (head to head)
b. Subtracting goals scored against from goals scored in these games.
c. The team giving up the least number of goals in round robin  play.

            2.  If, after applying the formulas of 1 a, b, or c, the tie still exists, 1b and c shall be applied using all of the games played 
                 by the teams tied.  Note:  The formulas shall be applied in order 1 a, b, c, and 2.

            3. Least amount of penalty minutes acquired during round robin play. 
                 All penalty minutes will be counted including misconduct penalties.

            4. Team scoring the earliest goal in the first game of the tournament            

All games consist of three, ten minute, stop time periods.  

There is no overtime in round-robin play.

Semi-final and final games will be played to a conclusion.  Overtime periods of five minutes each will be implemented, until a winning team emerges. 

There are no time outs allowed in round - robin play or semi-finals.  Each team will be allowed one time out per championship game regardless of the gameís duration.

Fighting in Silver Stick competition is not allowed.  A major penalty and a game misconduct will be assessed to any player and/or team official who fights.  SUCH PLAYER OR TEAM OFFICIAL WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE TOURNAMENT.  The major penalty will be served by another player, other than the goaltender or spare goaltender, chosen by the coach/manager responsible for that team. ANY PLAYER OR TEAM OFFICIAL WHO IS ASSESSED A MATCH PENALTY WILL FURTHER BE SUSPENDED FROM THE REMAINDER OF THIS TOURNAMENT.  The offending team shall be required to send a player to the penalty box.  Such player cannot be a goaltender or spare goaltender. 

A maximum of four coaches - - whose names appear on the teamís official USA roster - - will be permitted on/around the playersí bench during any tournament game.  Only players, whose names appear on the USA roster, may participate in tournament games. 

If a team elects to dress only one goaltender, and he/she is injured during tournament play, another player may be dressed.  However, this must be accomplished on the bench, as no time out will be allowed.  Another player will be permitted on the ice until the substitute goaltender is ready. 

Playing rules of Regional and International Finals Silver Stick Hockey will be governed by USA Hockey and/or CAHA, whichever is applicable in playoff location and its regional affiliate.

All decisions made by the tournament director are final.


Metro Regional Tournaments shall take place at the St. Clair Shores Civic Arena / 20000 Stephens /St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080

  There is no gate fee for this tournament. 

  There are designated bag drop areas in the arenas; do not use the lobby. 

  All players, coaches, and managers must sign in prior to the first game only. 

  Coaches /managers are required to fill out score sheets prior to each game. 

  Locker rooms are assigned 1/2 hour prior to game time by the city workers at the front desk located in the arena lobby.  

  Be prepared to take the ice early.      

  A manager or coach must be prepared to present the teamís credentials upon check in, or at any time during tournament play. 

  Team, MVP, & individual awards will be made to the finalist and championship team in each division.
All participants will receive tournament pins.

Regional Champions advance to the International Finals.  A representative from each Regional Championship team must report to the tournament office immediately following the Championship game to fill out your Finalsí registration form and to pay any fees that are due.  In the event that a Regional Champion is unable to participate in the International Finals, and/or the International Committee requests additional teams, such teams will be offered the opportunity to advance in order of their Regional finish.


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