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7/10/2007 - TRAVEL TRYOUTS FOR FALL 2007 ARE POSTED!  Simply click HERE to see all tryouts for all divisions and GOOD LUCK!

7/9/2007 -
The contact information has been updated with new contact info for Board Members and Travel Coaches.  See the CONTACT LIST page below or simply click HERE.

6/28/2007 -
We have begun taking new Silver Stick applications using the online application form.  See the TOURNAMENTS page below for NEW RATES AND NEW DATES or simply click HERE.

3/20/2007 - The Association Constitution and General Rules have been updated as of 15 MAR 2007 and posted on the website.  See the SCSHA BYLAWS section below or simply click HERE.

9/21/2006 -A video is available, endorsed by USA Hockey's Board of Directors this past Annual Congress meeting, which is MANDATORY viewing for all youth players in the Association beginning this season. This NEW STANDARD OF PLAY video and the explanation of rules can be seen on the USA HOCKEY website or by simply clicking HERE.
2/11/2006 - Unfortunately, technology miscreants have unleashed a "web-bot" which walked throughout our entire website and began sending emails from random email addresses within the website to other random email addresses within the website (for instance from our treasurer to a Pee Wee coach). Some of these SPAM messages contain viruses or are sexually explicit.  Therefore I am redesigning this website to eliminate email addresses in their "pure" form and instead will spell out email contacts and this will hopefully deter future misuse of email information.  For example I will list my email address as "webmaster at scsha dot org" - Get It!- Van

Providing quality hockey for the youth of our community since 1957 
Providing quality hockey for the youth of our community since 1957
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